Episode 1: A Deep Dive into the Panama Papers Scandal

In Episode 1 of The Compliance Times: A Deep Dive into Anti-Money Laundering – One Case at a Time, Davreen dives deep into the Panama Papers Scandal by focusing on:

1) what happened in the Panama Papers data breach,

2) how and when we learned about the data breach, and

3) what anti-financial crimes compliance professionals can do to prevent the issues raised in the case.

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  1. Vanessa

    Hi! I might suggest adding a hyperlink to “subscribe” in the sentence “Don’t forget to subscribe to the show.”

  2. Vanessa

    Great podcast, Davreen! You invested a lot of time into the research for this podcast and it shows. You are very informative. Thank you!

    • Davreen

      Thanks very much for your feedback, Vanessa! Very much appreciated. I like your recommendation about the hyperlink to subscribe, so I’ll definitely incorporate it. 🙂


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