Episode 2: A Deep Dive into an International Drug Trafficking and Money Laundering Ring

In Episode 2 of The Compliance Times: A Deep Dive into Anti-Money Laundering – One Case at a Time, Davreen dives deep into an international drug trafficking and money laundering ring by focusing on:

1) what happened in the case,

2) how and when we learned about what happened in the case, and

3) what anti-financial crimes compliance professionals can do to prevent issues raised in the case.

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  1. Douglas Seah

    Davreen, fantastic narration. I find the length to be good and the case intriguing and easy to follow for non AML professionals. I might adopt a similar approach to share case studies with my staff.

    • Davreen Dixon


      We love to hear from our listeners, so thank you for your comments. I’m glad you found the format and content intriguing and easy to follow. We hope you (and perhaps your staff) will subscribe to the show to receive updates on the release of new episodes.



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